Mission and Vision

At Real Life Church it is our desire to be a life-giving church building genuine relationships with God, family, and community.

It is our desire to:

  • Connect you to God
  • Connect you to God's purpose for your life
  • Connect you to life-giving relationships
  • Connect you to the Life Team that is right for you so that you can live out God's plan for your life right here at RLC

Real Life Church (RLC), formally known as Lifehouse Church, is moving soon and re-launching with a new name AND a new location!

Our new name for the church is REAL LIFE CHURCH and our new location is a little further west where Court St. and Station St. meet (2095 Station St. Kankakee, IL)

Things are changing at our church but we still have the same heart, same vision... just a new name, new place!

These changes come as very exciting news to us because it means that we are moving on to the next step that God has for us as a church!

Why are we called Real Life Church?

Because we are real people living real everyday lives. At Real Life Church we can fully relate to the real everyday lives that we all have to live. We know that we sometimes get so busy that we unknowingly leave God out of our daily lives. We also know that some of us have already lived the "church life" and it maybe just didn't go so well. We may have felt that our lives never really measured up to or been good enough for "the church life". Or maybe we could never really figure out how to mesh our "real life" and our "church life" together, like we've had to separate the two. These feelings can sometimes push us to eventually dismiss church, and maybe even God, altogether. Maybe you can relate to some of these feelings or maybe you've just been searching for something real, something truly genuine to be a part of. If that's you, then you've come to the right place!

Real Life Church is a place where you can come and be surrounded by real people living the same real everyday life that you are living. Real Life Church is a place where you can discover and experience a real, genuine love from God and others. Real Life Church brings "the church life" into your "real life" so that you never feel like you have to separate the two again. Please know that the person that you are in your real, everyday life is the person that you get to be when you attend Real Life Church. When you walk through our doors you will be loved and accepted for the amazing, unique person that you are.

What, as a church, do we believe?

We believe God is madly in love with you. We believe God's grace and mercy far exceeds and outweighs the mistakes and downfalls we have had in our lives. God is always there for you, waiting to take you back or welcome you into His loving arms for the very first time. We believe you are always on His mind and He is always on your side. Find that hard to believe? So many of us do, but these aren't just our beliefs: they are God's promises. We believe God has great purpose for your life. We know that we sometimes go through our whole lives or times in our lives that we wonder, "What in the world am I doing here anyway?" We believe we have the answer to that question... You are here because God has a plan and a purpose for you! He has a special, unique plan for each one of our lives. At Real Life Church we will continually discover how we can be all that God has created us to be.